About Perry Uniform

Originally incorporated in 1946 as a general clothier, by the 1970’s the business had been focussed on school uniform by Peter Franklin, a retired textiles agent, who acquired the business and established a strong reputation for manufacturing distinctive school uniforms. Following Peter’s death in 2003 the business, lacking management, lost its way and fell into administration. The Bunting’s, having established the Children’s Warehouse in the early nineties, had built a strong reputation for the design and manufacture of everyday wear for children and in 1999 began designing school uniform for independent schools in London. A chance telephone call led the Buntings to acquire Perry Clothes out of administration in 2007 rebranding the combined entity as Perry Uniform.

Today, Perry Uniform operates its own factory, design studio and fulfilment centre all co-located on a single site in West Leeds. As a specialist manufacturer of distinctive jackets the business also design club blazers under the Perry Club brand www.perryclub.co.uk .

In 2013 Perry Uniform was the Yorkshire Post Manufacturer of the year; the company has also been recognised for its apprenticeship and training initiatives in fostering traditional skills in the manufacture of its products. For further background visit our blog.

The Buntings have been credited with ... “taking a down at heal 20th century Leeds clothier, with a shop window onto Armley Jail, and transforming it into a 21st century, internet based retailer, with a shop window onto the world” Financial Times: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/13cf2724-42eb-11e3-8350-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3jGPoplWq

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