Haileybury is a co-educational Boarding and Day School (13-18yrs) and Lower School (11-13 years). Pupils are expected to arrive in their uniform on the day before the Autumn term commences. Perry Uniform offer a personal sizing advice service by appointment at the Haileybury shop - situated in the grounds of the school or our London or Leeds Showrooms.

Haileybury uses a House system: all pupils are allocated, and belong to, a House. Abbreviations of the House name must precede the student name when ordering nametapes and/or adhesive labels for identifying uniform garments - for example B Fr James Smith.

If you require a delivery to the school your child's surname on their order must be the name by which they are known at school and the first line of the address MUST include the House name. If your uniform has been delivered to the House dormitory it is suggested that you arrive before 10.00am on the day of arrival. During term time the Haileybury shop is available for boarding and day pupils to purchase uniform and sports kit items using a school chit authorised by their Housemaster/mistress – the cost being added to their school bill.