Design and Innovation

Quality, Style, Technology

Perry is dedicated to quality right from the start. Uniforms from Perry are created in partnership with you, and are created by our own highly skilled designers, cutters and machinists - people with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of garment structure that ensure innovation in style and cut.

Using advanced software and technically superior textiles, we make uniforms that are designed to promote your school’s identity and that pupils are proud to wear.

Made in Yorkshire

Our factory in Leeds takes advantage of the latest technology to ensure your garments are made efficiently and to the highest standard possible. We are equipped to manufacture and deliver the unique requirements of your school’s brand and identity.

There are occasions when special sizes or adaptations are required: with our own factory we have the flexibility to fulfil these requests.

i-Size technology

i-Size, our intelligent sizing system, takes the uncertainty out of selecting the size required. Simply enter actual body measurements and i-Size does the rest. It allocates the most suitable size for the child whilst also allowing room for growth.

Award-winning service

With a reputation for innovation and a 20-year track record of successful web-based retailing, our speedy, award-winning, online service makes it easy for parents across the world to buy their child’s uniform, whenever and wherever they choose.